Our Team

Dr. Colton

Dr. Colton grew up right here in the Plano area. After 10 years of education to become a board certified optometric physician and glaucoma specialist, he came home to give back to the community he loves.

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David is our Mobile Services Manager. With over a decade of optical experience and management, Dave will make you the perfect pair of glasses for driving, reading, computer, and to help with disease symptoms like glare from cataracts, double vision from nerve palsy, and light sensitivity from traumatic brain injury or strokes. David does diagnostic testing at assisted living facilities so that Dr. Colton can give you the best care possible.


Zahra speaks multiple languages and is studying to become an eye doctor. She coordinates your medical care between us and your primary care physician. If we find that your retinal vessels show signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, cholesterol, or impending stroke, your primary care doctor needs to know about it. Zahra is the one that makes sure all your doctors are on the same page.


Brandie is our insurance genius and usually finds more benefits than you knew you had. If you have a hidden benefit for glasses, Brandie will find it. If you need an HMO referral, Brandie will get it. Whatever Brandie is helping you with, she’ll make sure it goes amazing.


Andrea is our optician and ophthalmic technician. Whether you need help finding the perfect pair of glasses, or medical testing as part of your exam, Andrea is your go-to person. Along with Dr. Colton, Andrea speaks Spanish fluently, so don’t hesitate to call and ask for her.


Katie is our community outreach coordinator. She graduated with a bachelor degree in Public Health from Brigham Young University Idaho, and has been involved in eye care since 2009. She reaches out to assisted living facilities from Dallas to McKinney and provides them with education and access to eye care. Her goal is to prevent the leading causes of blindness in seniors.


Brent is our patient coordinator at Bright Eyes Mobile Clinic. He owned an assisted living facility in Plano for years, and has a unique insight to ensure you receive care that maximizes your quality of life.

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